The Importance of Checking the Written-Off Vehicle Register Before Buying a used Car

31 August 2017
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Usually, a written-off car is one that is so badly damaged that it is considered unsafe or uneconomical to repair. When this happens, its registration is cancelled and it is booked in the written-off vehicle register. This register is part of the national initiative in Australia to end the dodgy practice where badly damaged vehicles are brought back into operation with the sole purpose of using their identifications to give new identities to stolen vehicles. Read More 

Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Refrigerated Vans

12 July 2017
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If you run a business that needs to keep items cool during delivery, or want to sell refrigerated or frozen items right from your vehicle, you need to invest in a high-quality refrigerated van. This might be more challenging than you realize, as you may know how to check the condition of a van's parts under the hood, but may not know how to choose one with a refrigeration unit in the back. Read More 

Questions to Ask When You Need a New Windscreen for Your Vehicle

30 June 2017
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If you need a new windscreen for your vehicle, you don't want to put off having this work done; a broken or chipped windscreen can easily break during a collision, putting your safety at risk. You can also typically be ticketed and fined for having a broken windscreen, and would then need to pay the cost of that fine along with the cost of a new windscreen! When you are ready to have a windscreen replaced in your vehicle, note a few questions to ask of the installer so you know the work gets done properly: Read More 

Upgrading Your Tyres? What You Need to Bear in Mind

27 June 2017
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When you buy a used car, you will normally be drawn to the particular vehicle because of its type, style, performance, age or total accumulated mileage. You will buy it "as is," but may plan to upgrade certain parts of it, once it is in your possession. In particular, you may want to swap out the current tyres with something that more suits your vision. As you are selecting a different type of tyre for your new acquisition, what should you be bearing in mind? Read More 

Here’s How You Know Your Car Brakes Are Failing

22 June 2017
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Operating a car with problematic brakes is extremely dangerous. Therefore, being aware of some of the signs and symptoms that your car brakes could be failing is of vital importance. Fortunately, your vehicle will always tell you when something is wrong. When it comes to car brakes, here are some red flags to watch out for. Unusual Sounds Among the most common signs that your car brakes need attention are strange sounds when you step on the brake pedal. Read More