The Three Common Castor Wheel Fixings

17 October 2019
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Office furniture has come a long way. There was a time when moving files and other heavy objects room one point in the office to another was a challenge. However, the invention of castor wheels made it possible to have an office chair that can help you move from one part of the office to the other while seated, move trolleys with files and other items from one point to another, and even move heavy industrial trolleys. There are countless manufacturers and suppliers of the wheels, and unfortunately some wheels are not as durable as they should be. It is important to understand design features such as castor wheel fixings because they determine the durability and strength of the wheels. Here are some common castor wheel fixings.

Top Plate Castor Wheel Fixings

The fixing is simple and very popular. In the design, the castor wheel is attached to a square or rectangular top plate using a ball bearing swivel race. The top plate is designed with four bolt holes, which you use to connect the wheel to the chair, table, trolley or other machinery that you want to make mobile. The benefit of using this top plate castor wheel fixing is that it allows the wheel to turn 360 degrees. Also, when the plate is made from durable metal, the entire fixture will serve you for a long time. Plates made of steel are normally fixed on trolleys that transport heavy industrial equipment.

U-Bracket Castors

U-bracket castors are very common in office chairs and other office equipment types. The wheel is typically fixed on a bracket-like structure. The bracket has bolt holes that are fixed to the wooden furniture. Most u-bracket castor fixings are made of plastic and composite resin, and are therefore less sturdy and durable than the top plate castor fixings. 

Bolt Hole Castor Fixings

The other common type of castor wheel fixing is the bolt hole and single bolt fixing. This castor bracket is designed with a single hole at the top. The bolt hole allows a single bolt to pass through the bracket and be fixed onto the furniture. The single bolt bracket comes with a ready bolt to attach to the furniture.

The durability of your castor wheels depends on, among other things, the fixing you use to attach it to office furniture. It is advisable to consult a supplier about the designs they have available before making a purchase. When you explain your furniture and equipment type, the supplier will recommend the best wheels and fixings to suit your needs.