Can Your Vehicle Benefit From a Custom Exhaust System?

30 May 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Your vehicle's exhaust system might be more important to the engine's overall performance than you realize; the exhaust pulls oxygen away from the engine so that it doesn't build up in the chambers and interfere with proper combustion. The exhaust system also filters that oxygen so that less pollution is created, and it keeps the car quiet. While the exhaust installed on your vehicle when it was manufactured can be sufficient for the car's operation, note when it might be good to have a custom exhaust system fabricated for your vehicle in particular:

Faster pickup

If you want faster acceleration from your car, you may not need a larger or heavier engine. If oxygen collects inside the engine chambers, this can slow down that combustion and cause your car to lose acceleration. A custom exhaust can provide for more venting of fumes, and fasting venting as well so that your vehicle can accelerate more readily and you have a quicker response when you hit the gas.


When towing any added weight, your engine will work harder to create as much combustion as needed for needed power and torque. If there is too much oxygen in the engine or old and dirty oxygen is not vented properly, your engine will slow down and reduce its towing capacity. As with acceleration, you may not need a larger engine in order to create the power needed for towing, but a custom exhaust can mean venting that oxygen as needed so your current engine easily produces more power and offers more towing capacity.

Gas mileage

Keeping your vehicle properly tuned and in good repair can improve its overall gas mileage, but a custom exhaust can do the same. Since the engine doesn't work as hard to create combustion when excess or dirty oxygen is properly vented, it will consume less fuel overall. If your car generally gets poor gas mileage, or you just want to do everything you can to improve its fuel efficiency, consider a custom exhaust.


To make your car more sporty, you might add window film, custom trim, custom bumpers and specialty tyres. However, a custom exhaust will make your car look sporty while also creating that nice "growl" that many car owners love, and while giving you better pickup and gas mileage, as mentioned above. Window film, trim, and all those other details you might choose for a sportier look aren't likely to affect the car's ride, so choose an exhaust for both appearance and for how it improves the car's performance.

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