When and Why You Always Want to Use Name Brand Replacement Auto Parts

21 June 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Repairs to a car can be very expensive, and you might be tempted to save money on that work by choosing generic or off-brand parts. This can be an acceptable solution for some belts and hoses, but for many auto repairs, you only want to use name brand, high-quality replacement auto parts. For example, if you own a Nissan, then you would need to purchase specific Nissan parts when replacing certain components of your car. Note when this is and why you don't want generic parts for these repairs.


It's never good to use generic or low-quality parts for brakes, as the brake pads need to grip the rotors properly for them to operate safely. Off-brand parts may struggle to wrap around the rotors as they should and may allow those discs to slide through their two sides, so that your car needs a few extra seconds to come to a complete stop. This may not seem very dangerous to you, but consider that your car can slide several feet or meters in those extra seconds, easily causing a collision! For your safety and for the safety of everyone on the road, always invest in high-quality, name brand parts for any brake repairs.

Electrical components

You always want to invest in a good-quality battery when needed, so you know it lasts and will provide enough power to easily crank the engine; otherwise, you put added wear and stress on the starter every time you start your car. You also want to invest in high-quality solenoids and wiring; these are the parts that conduct electricity from the battery to electrical parts, including the fuel pump, starter, and fan. If the solenoids and wiring don't work properly, these parts may also not function properly; your car could sputter and stall from not getting enough fuel, or the fan may fail to engage so the engine gets too hot. Always invest in name brand, high-quality electrical components to ensure the vehicle's electrical system functions properly.


Transmission gears or differentials need to fit each other perfectly; using off-brand or poor quality gears can mean that the teeth of these gears don't fit each other as they should, causing added stress and wear on the transmission and steering. These gears may also rub against each other rather than mesh together, and they then suffer excess abrasion and wear, so you need to replace them again and again. When making repairs to the transmission or differentials of your vehicles, always invest in name brand parts so they don't cause damage, and so they fit each other properly.