Questions to Ask When You Need a New Windscreen for Your Vehicle

30 June 2017
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If you need a new windscreen for your vehicle, you don't want to put off having this work done; a broken or chipped windscreen can easily break during a collision, putting your safety at risk. You can also typically be ticketed and fined for having a broken windscreen, and would then need to pay the cost of that fine along with the cost of a new windscreen! When you are ready to have a windscreen replaced in your vehicle, note a few questions to ask of the installer so you know the work gets done properly:

OEM and OEE glass

You might want to ask the installer if they use OEM or OEE glass. OEM refers to the original equipment manufacturer; this would be a windscreen that is made by the same company that makes your car, or an authorized parts manufacturer. OEE glass refers to original equipment equivalent; this is glass that is not made by an authorized manufacturer but should be to the same specifications.

Your car warranty or insurance carrier may dictate that you only use OEM parts, including the windscreen, as these parts are often thought to be made to superior standards. However, OEE glass can be cheaper, so consider your budget and ask if that glass is available if you can't afford the OEM option.

Ask about stickers

Very often a vehicle owner will have stickers on the windscreen for a car inspection, their own apartment complex, and the like. A windscreen replacement company will often try to remove those stickers and place them on your new glass, but in some cases, the old sticker cannot be salvaged.

Also, note that some stickers you get from the vehicle authority in your area cannot be moved to a new windscreen; you may need to get a replacement sticker instead. Ask about this ahead of time so you know if you need to order any new stickers for your windscreen before it's replaced.

Ask how long before you can drive your vehicle again

Many windscreen replacement companies will come to your vehicle's location to do the work; however, you should ask how long before you can drive the car again. The putty or adhesive used to put the glass in place and seal it may need time to dry and cure before you drive, in case you hit a bumpy road that could move the windscreen out of place. Always ask about this so you can adjust your schedule as needed.

Contact an auto glass replacement company for more information and assistance.