Auto Repair: Three Practical Guidelines on Purchasing a Used Transmission

9 November 2017
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Automobiles with damaged transmissions often end up in a junkyard before their lifespan is completed. This unfortunate occurrence can be attributed to the high cost of repairing or rebuilding the component. If you are experiencing this problem, you should think about acquiring a used transmission. This option will reduce your expenses, especially if you are looking to extend the service of your old car a little bit. Also, used transmissions are widely available in auto wrecking shops. However, you should remember that this type of replacement component has been used for years. Therefore, it is essential to select the right option to ensure excellent performance. Here are some simple guidelines to help you navigate the purchase process.

Check for Leakage

When choosing a used transmission, you should check the component for leaks. This is one of the most common problems which affect the performance of the vehicle after the installation of the system. Some transmissions might have sustained damage during a collision in the past, and the problems could still be undiscovered. For the best results, you should discuss testing the component with your supplier. Ideally, you will only need to add some transmission fluid into your preferred product and check for dripping. You should note that repairing a leakage is possible. So, you should consider this option if you have the resources for refurbishment.

Examine the Vehicle History

You should inquire about the history of the vehicle from which the used transmission on sale was removed. The information provided can help you gain insight into the condition of the components. Most auto wreckers retain the information on their products for the benefit of their customers. Check the details provided for any incidents which could indicate that the transmission is not in excellent condition. For instance, a flooding accident is a significant problem for all vehicle components. You can also examine the reports of any collisions related to the transmission. 

Inquire About Warranty 

Finally, when you are satisfied with the condition of your preferred used transmission, you should inquire about the availability of guarantees or warranties. Some auto wreckers will issue a warranty on their parts for the comfort of their customers. You can also ask about obtaining an insurance policy for the component. These documents will guarantee that you will get a replacement transmission if your purchased part does not function as expected, subject to terms and conditions.

If you are uncertain about the right used transmission for purchase, you should discuss your requirements with the auto wrecker