Auto Repair: Three Practical Guidelines on Purchasing a Used Transmission

9 November 2017
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Automobiles with damaged transmissions often end up in a junkyard before their lifespan is completed. This unfortunate occurrence can be attributed to the high cost of repairing or rebuilding the component. If you are experiencing this problem, you should think about acquiring a used transmission. This option will reduce your expenses, especially if you are looking to extend the service of your old car a little bit. Also, used transmissions are widely available in auto wrecking shops. Read More 

Questions to Ask When You Need a New Windscreen for Your Vehicle

30 June 2017
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If you need a new windscreen for your vehicle, you don't want to put off having this work done; a broken or chipped windscreen can easily break during a collision, putting your safety at risk. You can also typically be ticketed and fined for having a broken windscreen, and would then need to pay the cost of that fine along with the cost of a new windscreen! When you are ready to have a windscreen replaced in your vehicle, note a few questions to ask of the installer so you know the work gets done properly: Read More 

Upgrading Your Tyres? What You Need to Bear in Mind

27 June 2017
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When you buy a used car, you will normally be drawn to the particular vehicle because of its type, style, performance, age or total accumulated mileage. You will buy it "as is," but may plan to upgrade certain parts of it, once it is in your possession. In particular, you may want to swap out the current tyres with something that more suits your vision. As you are selecting a different type of tyre for your new acquisition, what should you be bearing in mind? Read More 

A Simple Guide to Off-Roading for Your 4x4 Vehicle

2 June 2017
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Most people own 4x4s but don't really know how to use them. There are ways in which you can successfully off-road the vehicle in the right way doing the work yourself. The automotive industry has worked consistently to manufacture trucks that are perfectly amazing. They have been designed to comfortably handle highways, but the situation changes when you go off the pavement onto the dirt. Going off-road is an adventure that can be confusing and challenging if you are not well prepared. Read More